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International Scientific Conference PERSONALITY IN NORM AND IN PATHOLOGY PNP April 20-21, 2023
About Conference
Despite the wide studying the phenomenon of personality by psychologists all over the world, the problem of its development remains open, since ideas about the development of the personality and the boundaries of "norm and pathology" tend to change both in the historical and cultural perspective, to be reviewed and rethought. This problem is of interest both in theory and in its practical application.
The purpose of the Conference
Is to discuss modern basic ideas about personality and its development in norm and in pathology.
The following issues:
  • Personal Development in a Changing World
  • Mental health at the face of global challenges
  • Personality in the Educational Space
  • Personality in an Aging Society
  • Personality in Economics and Politics
  • Development of a Personality with Special Needs
  • Personality in digitalization
Scientists, scholars, graduate students, doctoral students, practitioners, leading scientific research and practical activities in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, defectology, social services of the population.
Forms of participating:
hybrid (virtual-personal)
Conference working languages:
Russian, English.
Conference forms:
Plenary sessions, parallel sessions, master classes, round tables.
Publishing opportunities
The Conference materials will be published in the form of an abstracts in Russian or English in the Conference Books of Abstracts (with assignment of ISBN, UDC, BBC and registration with the RSCI). Full papers can be published in English in the EpSBS - European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences indexing in the Web of Science.
Abstract requirements
  • 100 - 250 words length
  • The relevance of the study, its purpose, research sample, main diagnostic procedures, main results and conclusions are indicated.
  • Keywords: max 7.
Requirements for the full paper
  • The article must contain original material and be written in good English.
  • The title of the article is a maximum of 12 words
  • Abstract 150 - 250 words
  • The article contains the following sections: Introduction, Problem Statement, Research Questions, Research Objective, Research Methods, Results, Conclusion, Acknowledgments (if available), and References
  • The reference list complies with the requirements of APA 7 and contains a complete list of links used in the full text.
  • Length 5-10 pages
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Program will be available on April 2023
Organizational committee
Л.Н. Аксеновская
L.N. Aksenovskaya, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Chernyshevsky Saratov National Research State University, Keynote Speaker
О.С. Дейнека
O.S. Deyneka, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Full Professor, St. Petersburg State University, Keynote Speaker
И.В. Дубровина
I. V. Dubrovina, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education (1995), Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education, Keynote Speaker
С.Л. Соловьева
S.L. Solovyova, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, I.I. Mechnikova Northwestern State Medical University, Workshop Developer
Т.С. Овчинникова
T.S. Ovchinnikova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Pushkin Leningrad State University, Workshop Developer
С.В. Духновский
S.V. Duhnovsky, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Ugra State University, Workshop Developer
В.С. Красник
V.S. Krasnik, Ph.D., Center for Emergency Psychological Assistance "Alice ", Israel, reviewer, Keynote Speaker
С.А. Репин
S.A. Repin, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Chelyabinsk State University, reviewer
Л.С. Рычкова
L.S. Rychkova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, South Ural State University, reviewer
И.А. Трушина
I.A. Trushina, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Chelyabinsk State University, reviewer
М.В. Овчинников
M.V. Ovchinnikov, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Chelyabinsk State University, reviewer
С.А. Курносова
S.A. Kurnosova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Chelyabinsk State University, reviewer
Е.В. Забелина
E.V. Zabelina, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Chelyabinsk State University, reviewer
В.Г. Рагозинская
V.G. Ragozinskaya, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Chelyabinsk State University, reviewer, editor of the Book of Abstracts
Р. Аренас
Dr. Ricardo Pérez-Luco Arenas, Professor of Legal and Forensic Psychology, Universidad de La Frontera, Chile, reviewer
Э. Кирхлер
Dr. Erich Kirchler, Professor of Economic Psychology, University of Vienna, Austria, Keynote Speaker
Dr. Michael Wang
Dr. Michael Wang, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, Keynote Speaker
FSBEI HE "CSU" st. Kashirin Brothers, 129 Chelyabinsk Russia
Chelyabinsk State University
Conference Fee
Participation in the conference and publication of abstracts in the electronic collection is free.
Payment of travel and accommodation - at the expense of the conference participants.
Payment for the publication of the full paper in EUROPEAN PROCEEDINGS JOURNAL indexing in Web of Science after review process is 200 Euro.
01.11.2022 Abstract submission
10.11.2022 Notification of the abstract acceptance
25.12.2022 Full paper submission
15.01.2023 Notification of full paper acceptance
01.02.2023 Registration is completed.
08.04.2023 Final Conference Program
20-21.04.2023 Conference
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